Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Engaging Communities

Suzanne W. Morse of Smart Communities and the President of the Pew Partnership for Civic Change writes about Sharing the Dream: Stories of Principals Actively Engaging Communities.

This is a new publication from the MetLife Foundation and the National Association of Elementary School Principals that gives an overview of the programs that won grants From the MetLife Foundation for school principals who are actively engaging both the parents and the surrounding community in their schools. The pamphlet is available for download as a PDF and outlines 12 projects around the country that are making a difference.

As Suzanne mentions this is a good place to start when planning our own future projects. We can see what challenges each principal had and how she addressed them. One very inventive solution to engaging parents and a local business was to have a McTeacher event at the local McDonalds. Teachers and staff from the Parkade Elementary School in Columbia, MO sold food and cleared tables when the students and parents came to dinner. Everyone had some fun and the school got some of the profits from the meal. This is a great example of a community-builder combined with a fund-raiser.

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